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3 Simple Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Garage Door Springs

The springs on your garage door are vital to the door's operation. That's because garage doors are as heavy as 100 pounds or more, requiring springs or a pulley system to keep the door in place and make opening and closing the door easy. If your springs are in poor condition, it can cause all sorts of problems with your door. Therefore, keep an eye on your springs and make repairs as necessary. 

Here are three simple tips for prolonging the life of your garage door springs.

Keep Your Garage Door Springs Clean

When your garage door springs are caked with dirt, grease, or oil, they will wear out faster and may eventually break. Fortunately, this is a simple operation that you can complete with a liquid car wash and wax product of comparable quality to that used on your automobile. It is best to avoid abrasive cleansers and potent liquids, which may damage the finish of your springs.

Do a Monthly Visual Inspection

In addition to keeping your springs clean, you should also do a regular visual inspection of them.

These tips will help you do a successful inspection:

  • Be aware of any changes in the appearance or behavior of your springs
  • Ensure the tension is consistent on both springs by balancing the garage doors
  • Check for rust, wear and tear, and any other damage

If you notice anything that looks suspicious, contact a professional garage door specialist as soon as possible. Taking fast action can help avoid more extensive problems and costly garage door repairs further down the line.

Lubricate Your Garage Door Springs 

Lubricating your garage door springs at least once a year is a quick and easy way to help them last longer without the need for constant garage door springs repair. You only need a spray lubricant, which you can find at most hardware stores. Lithium and silicone are the most popular and successful lubrication oils for various garage door types.

Apply the lubricant onto a cloth and apply it to the springs. Be sure to avoid getting any on the door itself, as it could cause it to slip and damage the paint. Reapply lubricant every few months to keep your springs in good condition.

Although garage door springs seem like they should last forever, they eventually wear down and need replacing. But with some maintenance and care, you can prolong the life of your garage door springs and avoid costly repairs.