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3 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Garage Doors

Besides the excitement that comes with playing with a new garage door opener to watch your new door open and close majestically, there is also the satisfaction of knowing the value of your home has increased. Then a problem occurs to you. What do you do with the old garage door parts?

Your garage door professionals can haul all doors, parts and garage door springs away, but why be left wondering where the doors go when you can repurpose them? Here are three creative ways to do this.

Make a Room Divider

Paint or stain an old garage door to match a room's décor, and add castor wheels so it is easy to move wherever you like. Old garage doors can also be fitted with frosted glass panes to let some light in, while maintaining privacy.

Another option is to saw off one row of panels, so the door can have a custom fit for a particular room. Smaller garage door portions make great dressing screens because they can be placed down and folded into position.

Create a Garden Bed

Making a garage door into a garden bed is at the height of the upcycling trend. Not only does the door material stay out of landfills or go to a questionable recycling plant, it helps bring new life to the world in an ecologically sound manner.

Saw a door into four pieces and simply nail them together. You choose the sizes, but the average length of a wooden garage door is the perfect size to use for most any garden bed.

You will just need to cut an additional frame or two from another door panel to create the sides of the bed. Place it onto the ground, and let the gardening begin.

Build a Bench

Saw one panel from a garage door off and then saw another into three or four smaller squares. Fasten the smaller squares securely to the panel, and paint or stain as desired for the perfect outdoor bench or  rustic, indoor farm-table seat.

While you may need to fend off your neighbors' jealous stares at your new garage door for a while, know that you can invite them over to see all the repurposing you did with your old one. If you are the jealous neighbor, then start shopping for a new garage door, and get it installed by a local professional. Creative garage door repurposing can be in your future, too. To learn more, contact Overhead Door Of Akron