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Learning About Garage Doors

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Reasons To Install An Insulated Garage Door

If you're planning on buying a new garage door, you'll have to decide if you want to buy one that's insulated. If you want the cheapest price and don't care about controlling the climate in your garage, then you may not want to spend the extra money on an insulated door. However, an insulated garage door has several benefits, and you may find the extra cost is worthwhile. These are some of the reasons to consider having an insulated garage door installed.


Insulation acts as a sound barrier, so if you want to block out traffic noises from the street, you should probably install an insulated garage door. If you want to use your garage as a getaway where you can watch television or listen to music, then you'll appreciate having outside noises muffled. Plus, if you like to play loud music, the insulation will hold down the noise so you won't disturb your neighbors. Insulated garage doors tend to be quieter when they're in operation too. Because they are sturdier, they don't rattle as much when going up and down. This could be important if your garage is next to, or underneath, a bedroom.

Climate Control

If you plan on using your garage as a workshop or exercise room, then you'll want to control the climate so you can enjoy the space on hot or cold days. If you have good insulation in your garage, you can use a portable heater or air conditioner to keep it comfortable enough for you to work in. Even if you don't care about keeping the space warm on the coldest days of winter, an insulated door may be able to keep your garage warm enough to prevent freezing of items you store in there. While it will still be cold, an insulated door may be all you need to keep the temperatures above freezing depending on how cold it is outside. If you store surplus food or liquids in your garage, this will make paying for an insulated door worthwhile.

Buffer Zone

When you enter your home through the front door, the inside is immediately exposed to the outdoor temperature and weather conditions. If you enter through your garage, the garage acts as a buffer zone to keep freezing air out of your house. Plus, if it's raining or snowing outside, you'll have space to dry off before tracking moisture and mud into your home. The better the insulation, the more effective the buffer zone.

There are several types of garage doors you can buy with insulation sandwiched between the front and back panels. Whether you want vinyl, steel, composite wood, or fiberglass, you'll be able to find a door with adequate insulation. If you choose a door that has spray foam installed between the panels, you'll get the same insulating quality and sound control you get with regular wall insulation. For the best results, seal air leaks around the frame, track, and bottom of the door during the garage door installation, so there are no gaps for outdoor air to seep through once the door is installed.