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How To Stay Eco-Friendly Throughout The Life Of Your Garage Door

The effort of reducing the effect your life has on the environment has to encompass all aspects of what you do starting from the planning stages of purchases like garage doors. It should extend all the way through maintenance and repairs as well. Here are a few ways to maximize your efforts in terms of making your garage door as eco-friendly as possible.

Materials and Repairs

The main thing to keep in mind when handling repairs for your garage door if you want to be as eco-friendly as possible is to use sustainable materials. Even if the original door itself wasn't made of materials that were particularly eco-friendly, you can often patch it to fix this. For example, it's common to use recycled wood fibers for your garage door. The key is to use wood both in the construction and in any repairs that is sustainable. For example, various different types of bamboo are known for being more sustainable. Other common kinds of wood that fit in this category include cedar and Douglas fir. This means that these are woods that grow back more quickly than many other kinds of wood.

On the same note, it's often a wise idea to avoid using woods like oak for your garage door or for repairs since oak is known for growing quite slowly. However, if you use fast-growing woods for your door, then you'll be helping to encourage a world that doesn't deforest itself too quickly.

Eco-friendly Garage Door Opener

Another aspect of your garage door where you can really make everything more green is with your door opener, including how you power it. For example, you could put solar panels on the roof and then wire the power directly to your opener so that you don't have to draw any energy from the grid in order to open and shut your door.

In general, it will also help to have manual options for opening your door. A common version of this is a pull release. This will both help to open your door in case of a power outage as well as ensure that you can open it without using a lot of power constantly, especially if you just need to slip under the door and not actually remove your car.

Overall, working to create a more sustainable world will involve all aspects of life, including garage doors. If you make sure that your door is using energy sparingly and only using materials that are easy to regrow or recycle, you'll be going a long way to help create a sustainable Earth. 

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