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Do You Really Need An Automatic Garage Door Opener?

If you've just bought an older home that has an old, manual garage door, you might be thinking that you should update the door and possibly make the new one an automatic garage door. While updating an old door never hurts -- and in many cases is necessary if the old door is on its last legs -- whether or not to make the door automatic or keep it as manual is up to you. In fact, there may be some advantages in installing another manual garage door. Here are six things to consider when choosing a new garage door.

Bad Weather

If the weather is bad, and you have an automatic garage door opener with remote, you don't have to get in and out of your car in that bad weather to open or close the door. Obviously, that's going to be very helpful when it's pouring rain and you're trying to leave for work. But it also protects you from hail and severe low temperatures. If weather is a concern for you, installing an automatic door opener is essential.

Stops and Starts (and Theft)

If you don't have an automatic door opener, and you have to get out of your car to open or close the door when arriving home or leaving, you can do one of two things: either leave your car's engine running when you get out, or stop the engine and restart it. Stopping and starting the engine repeatedly can place strain on the ignition. As for leaving the engine running, not only do you risk locking yourself out of the car, but you also increase the risk of theft. Remember, if your car is running, it takes a second for someone to slip into the driver's seat and take off. An automatic opener may be a lot better for you in this case.


Obviously, an automatic door opener means you don't have to open the door. While manual garage doors don't require a lot of strength to open, if you have arm injuries that prevent you from lifting or pulling anything, you won't have to worry about those with an automatic door opener, which would be a better choice for you.

No Reasons to Open

On the other side, what if you use the garage for household storage and not car storage? If you never, or rarely, open the main garage door, an automatic opener would just be extra money spent. A manual door might work very well for you in this case.

No Power

Are you trying to conserve power at your home? Unless weather, theft, or physical conditions are a concern, a manual door would be the choice for you. If there are no powered parts, that's less electricity that your home will use.

Less to Break

Of course, if you omit an automatic opener, there will be fewer parts for you to have to replace or repair. You won't be able to totally ignore a manual door, of course, but you won't have to worry about the automatic opener getting stuck or breaking.

If you want to see models of automatic and manual garage doors, contact a garage door company like A AAA Allstate Door Company. You'll be able to compare door weights, opening time, and other features.