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3 Reasons Home Owners Should Install Security Gates

For many homeowners security gates may seem like an unnecessary expense. Security gates are often associated with upscale homes and businesses that need the extra protection. However, there are many homes that could benefit from the extra protection that a security gate offers. Nearly all burglaries occur in residential areas with the typical thief getting away with $2,230 in property. Deterring potential robbers is a great reason to install a security gate. Here are three other reasons why homeowners should consider a security gate.

More Affordable Than Expected

One reason that many homeowners avoid installing security gates is that they think it will be too expensive. However, security gates can be more affordable than expected. Installing a security gate can range anywhere from $825 to $3,049 on average. Automatic gates will cost more than manual gates. The material used will also greatly impact the price. Vinyl gates are a better choice for those on a budget than iron gates. Dual panel gates are also more expensive than single panel gates. However, no matter the cost, security gates are a great way to dissuade potential burglars. 

Increase Curb Appeal

Another reason to consider adding a security gate is that it can positively impact a home's curb appeal and value. Automatic security gates can add up to 5% to a home's value. For those who are thinking about selling in the future, a security gate may be a great way to get a higher asking price. There are a few things to consider before installing a gate. Homeowners should look around to see if any other properties in their neighborhood have gates. If the gate will look out of place compared to neighboring properties, it may not be the best choice. It's also important to make sure that the gate matches the style of the home. The wrong style gate can negatively impact curb appeal, while a carefully chosen gate can do the opposite.

Reduce Insurance Costs

For anyone who lives in an area with surging home insurance costs, a security gate can help. Many insurance companies will provide discounts ranging from 2% to 15% for any device that improves home security. Before going through with installing a security gate, homeowners should give their insurance company a call. The potential savings on home insurance can add up enough to offset some of the costs of the security gate. 

Installing a security gate to a driveway may seem unnecessary to some homeowners. However, there are many reasons to consider adding one. These gates are often more affordable than many homeowners realize, they can increase property value and curb appeal, and they can even reduce home insurance costs.