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3 Pro Tips To Help You Fix A Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door will keep you awake at night and create an unnecessary nuisance in your home each time someone leaves or comes back through the door. The odd noises are likely an indication that your door might be developing issues that need repair. Most people ignore these noises and assume they are part of the regular door operation. However, since you open the door countless times a year, you should expect it will experience some wear and tear. Here are three professional tips to help you fix a noisy garage door. 

Tighten the Loose Components

The mechanical components are the first thing a door technician will assess when you call them to deal with a noisy door. Anything that comes loose on the door will shake and rattle. Often, the noises start when a bolt or nut comes off, leaving the door a little less tight than before. Professionals should manage the tightening process because they know how much to do without creating another problem. 

Lubricate the Moving Components

The door has moving parts that involve metal on metal movement. These parts are essential for the door's function, but excessive friction between them can easily lead to wear and tear and premature door damage. You might not know the components of the door that usually have the metal upon metal function, but you can always get a technician to lubricate the rollers, springs, and hinges. Additionally, the experts will help you choose the lubrication products that offer you the best value. You can spray the lubricant at least once every two months, whether you hear the squeaking sounds or not. 

Get Replacements for Damaged Parts

Door noise is also an indicator that you have damaged parts. For example, your door will start squeaking and grinding when the rollers wear out. Most entries have unsealed rollers that suffer massive damage because of constant contact with dirt and grit. A technician can assess the state of your current rollers and determine whether it is time to replace them and put to an end the squeaking sounds. They will also evaluate the hinges, springs, and other components to ensure they are working correctly. Replacing the parts that make the door noisy can also minimize the safety hazards you might face from a poorly adjusted garage door. 

You can have a technician assess and repair your garage door to minimize unnecessary noises. With their help, your door will serve you quietly and efficiently for years. Contact a garage door repair service near you to learn more.