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Learning About Garage Doors

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Garage Door Repair Services To Fix Common Problems With Your Automatic Garage Door System

Your garage door system may start to malfunction, and there are a number of common problems that should be addressed quickly to repair the garage door. Tension springs can be an issue with your system, as they are not able to hold the heavy weight of the door when the springs become too loose. The brackets that hold your tracks in place can become loose, making it more difficult for your garage door to open and close. Power supply to your opener could become an issue, or the opener itself can start to fail if it has to work hard to open and close your garage door.

The Work of Your Tension Springs

Tension springs are tightly wound metal coils that help to hold the heavy weight of your garage door when it opens and closes. If your tension springs are loose, the door might close much faster than normal. You might notice that your opener is straining as it opens your garage door, a sign that your tension springs are loose. To check your tension springs, open your door completely and see how much it closes on its own. If the door closes more than a few inches, the tension springs need to be adjusted.

The Opener is Straining

An older opener may need to be replaced if it is straining to open and close your garage door. Any new noises with your opener should be investigated further, as your tension springs might be causing your opener to work harder than normal. If your opener is failing, you will need to have your garage door opener replaced soon.

The Garage Door Doesn't Close All the Way

Your garage door might not close all the way for several reasons. It's possible that the two sensors that prevent your garage door from closing if something is in the way are not lined up. The garage door may need to be adjusted if the closing point is not set correctly. You might have something in the track preventing the door from moving all the way down the track to close. 

Always take time to look for debris along your tracks, and make sure brackets are in place when your garage door starts to malfunction. Don't adjust your own tension springs, as this is dangerous to do if you aren't experienced. If you're in need of garage door repair, call a technician near you.